Turnkey Websites For Sale

Where to Buy Turnkey Websites

There are many places to buy turnkey websites, yet you MUST be cautious! There are plenty of scams online!

An example would be where the turnkey websites are so poorly created that when you try to do a simple edit, the site will become completely messed- up — even experienced web designers cannot edit them! (Dotcombuilder has plenty of those!)

Or, the seller just takes your money and never transfers the domain to you or gives you the FTP / Cpanel login information.

Or, the turnkey website has been duplicated so many times, that it may be impossible for you to get the site listed in search engines.

Therefore, it is recommended you buy turnkey websites from an established website dealer or at places where you can view sellers profiles and feedback.

5 Sites to Buy Turnkey Websites:

Offers dozens of different types of turnkey websites, with hosting and full support. A great place to buy a site if you are new to making money online.

Offers "Free" turnkey websites, but you MUST use their web host and you cannot ever sell the website. Another nice place to learn the web business.

Has dozens of Turnkey Website auctions. Recently added two-way feedback, therefore you can view the seller's reputation. Many times you can find some great buys on turnkey websites here.

A great place to find turnkey and established websites. Just make sure you check the seller's iTrader (feedback rating system) and make sure they have a good iTrader rating that is RECENT.

There are several reputable turnkey website builders that make their living creating and selling unique turnkey websites on eBay. And, unfortunately, there are also some who sell "duplicate" turnkey sites, cheap. Look for high rated feedback sellers, that offer bonus' and support.

The above is just a small example of the places you can buy turnkey websites.

TurnkeyWebsitez.com offers a complete guide to buying Turnkey Websites and even offers a Free Turnkey Website Package to download.

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